Switching to DVB-T2 in Poland and Deko TV PRO2 – Guide

Switching to DVB-T2 in Poland and Deko TV PRO2 – Guide

Switching to DVB-T2 in Poland: How Deko TV PRO2 is handling it

Introduction to Switching to DVB-T2

Poland will switch its TV signal from DVB-T to the more modern DVB-T2 standard in December 2023. This step is part of a broad plan to modernize the country’s digitization. The switchover of MUX-3 to DVB-T2/HEVC will take place in two stages between December 14 and 19, with parallel broadcasts of some TVP programs in both standards for about a month. This change applies to the MUX-1 and MUX-3 multiplexes, and after December 31, 2023, broadcasting on MUX-3 will be exclusively in DVB-T2.
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Impact of Switching on Users

The change is crucial for terrestrial TV users. Old DVB-T receivers will no longer work with the new standard, requiring equipment adjustments. For many viewers, this may mean replacing the TV or purchasing a suitable tuner/decoder, such as the Deko TV PRO2.

Deko TV PRO2 as Solution

In this context, a device like the Deko TV PRO2, a tuner equipped with a DVB-T2 head unit, is an ideal solution. It provides reception of terrestrial digital channels in the new DVB-T2 standard with H.265 codec HEVC and DVB-C cable TV channels.

Summary and Further Directions

The switch to DVB-T2 is an important step in the modernization of TV digitization in Poland. For users who don’t want to replace their TVs with new models, the solution is to buy a tuner like the Deko TV PRO2. This device not only allows older TVs to be adapted to the new standards, but also offers additional features that enhance the terrestrial TV experience.
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